Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Return of Zumba

The verdict is still out on these Biona organic products. Don't get me wrong, I like healthy foods but I don't like it to taste too healthy if you catch my drift. I could get used to these though. After all, I like knowing the ingredients that are put in my body.
I'm a sucker for deals. Since everything is so expensive in London and we're on a budget, I must shop effectively. I saw this 2 for 4 sticker yesterday and immediately grabbed two!

One triangle of:
Light cheese? Yes please!

Final product:
The smoked salmon was a little salty but other than that I enjoyed this varied breakfast. Not everyday I have smoked salmon in the morning. Hoping this will keep me satisfied til later this afternoon.

I'm still sooo sore from a.) body pump on Saturday b.) a whole lotta kicking and punching from body combat yesterday. I can tell my body is not used to such total body workouts because I'm taking a lot longer to recover than usual. Regardless, I can't wait to go to Zumba this afternoon. I need some Zumba in my life!! Latin music-check, high intensity- check, dancing- check. <3 <3

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