Thursday, 21 October 2010

On the hunt for Pumpkin

 :( sad face. Dia uno of the search for pumpkin has failed me!! Weeeeeeeelllll... that's not entirely true. Whole Foods did carry organic pumpkin puree but it was almost £4 and it looked like baby food to me. Uhm no thanks! The search continues..

I came back with random loot.
I bought the cream cheese before I found the pumpkin. BAD IDEA. I wanted to make this so my intentions were all good.
It looked so yummy too.

At least I got some lemons for my water!
Lemons in my water, lemons on my fish, lemons to rid my hands of the fishy smell, lemons to clean surfaces, lemons to make lemonade, lemons to achieve that silly sour face. I LOVE LEMONS! Okay. I think I'll stop now.

Post errand snack
or should I have said meal? I felt it was rightly deserved since I hauled my bootay all over town in search of that dang pumpkin!

Yum. Check out all those chips.

Would you like some salad with that ranch?
More salmon seasoned w. salt, pepper, EVOO, and cayenne pepper. Asparagus w. sweet chili sauce drizzled on top and brown rice.

Nothing makes speaking/learning a language easier than a glass of wine :)

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