Friday, 22 October 2010


It is SO cold in the mornings here in London. I think I might be coming down with something too. Someone get me a glass of orange juice!
Add some champagne and I could've had a mimosa! I don't know if that would have helped my cause.

What to make for breakfast on a cold day?
2 eggs, splash of vanilla, a couple shakes of cinnamon, dash of salt
With a delicious surprise in the middle..
grilled bananas!
Time to get down to cleaning the hizousse for the first time. O boy..
Looks can be deceiving...
The finger test: Run your finger down a random piece of furniture in your house and if your finger comes out dirty, more cleaning must be done! After 2 1/2 hours, I was finally done. I almost didn't go to the gym but I knew once I got there, I wouldn't regret it!

Workout today was biceps, triceps, and shoulders. I'm doing the advanced workout from my Women's workout bible . I have a feeling my arms will feel like  tomorrow

Greek yogurt with honey and BEAR granola nibbles. I like this prepackaged granola because of its instant portion control. This one has huge clusters of granola goodness. Luuurve!

My afternoon was spent walking around town w. a friend and then stopping at a cozy French bakery with a Japanese influence.
I honestly wanted to try it all!!
I had the green tea paradise. It tasted like passionfruit. :) 

Perfect accompaniment for my dessert:
Green tea chocolate gateau with vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry jam. The chef has got it going on. I couldn't really taste the chocolate but the crust was flaky and the green tea filling was light and creamy. So GOOD!!

Song of the day: "Ever the same"- Rob Thomas

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