Thursday, 21 October 2010

Regent's Park

I decided I wasn't in the mood for a gym today so I went running in search of Regent's Park. A little frustrating trying to find it due to my poor directional skills. I finally had an AHA moment when I found it. Let the running begin!
Regent's park is so much prettier than this but for some reason when I start running, I don't like stopping to take pictures. It's too distracting to my running groove. Lots of people out and about today. I saw some people kicking around a football. I love watching athletes in their element. Gives me extra motivation to run harder.
I could have gone longer but it's so darn cold outside! Still happy I got outside today tho.

Post run ab workout
I find abs the hardest to do on my own. Would prefer to skip it all together but I know how important having a strong core is to just about any exercise I do. Today's 10 minute segment was "Pilates abs"

If at first you don't succeed...
..try again with MILK!
No matter how long I stirred this darn thing, I couldn't get rid of the floating chunks. It tasted slightly better than yesterday but I'm still not a fan!!

spinach sauteed in garlic, salt, pepper, and sesame oil
I'm running out of creative lunch pictures since I seem to be eating the same thing everyday.

Time to make a grocery run to Whole Foods. I'm in search of some pumpkin for a recipe I want to try. Is it too much to hope for this?!

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