Friday, 17 September 2010

Throw your shells on the floor...

because you're in Texas!
I love this place- country music, light beer, and steaks the size of your big tush!

Never ending barrel of Peanuts
When can you throw something on the floor without having your nagging rents tell you to "clean it up!!" NEVER!!
The bread was warm and the apple cinnamon butter was DIVINE. The butter is what makes the bread in this case.
I wanted to be somewhat conscious- no croutons, no cheese and dressing on the side please. I only used a little bit of dressing.
My meal: Filet Medallions with portabello mushroom sauce and a baked potato. Some of my filet was slathered in unpictured A1 sauce. I had half the potato and left some of the rice. I ate most everything else as usual. Yumminess!!
Picture break!! Cheers!
My dad's meal was the NY strip aka smothered style with onions and mushrooms
My mom "the health nut" with her salmon, sweet potaters and some unpictured broccoli.
As if dinner wasn't enough, we went to Coldstone per my dad's request. I secretly hoped someone would suggest dessert so I didn't have to! I had the sinless sweet cream ice cream w. cookie dough, choco chips, fudge and caramel. I asked the girl to go easy on the toppings. She was accommodating. Us girls gotta stick together man :P

Song of the day: "Stereo love" by Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina

I'm running the 5k tomorrow. Gotta leave the house by 6 a.m. to get there. I'm excited!!

Peace out yo*

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