Friday, 17 September 2010


Free shots from the owner of the restaurant Aleks!

Unpictured: side salad and a bison burger. The bison burger was quoted as being healthy but looking at the grease on the top of the patty, I highly doubt it!
We were definitely the "woo hoo" girls at the table whenever we got an answer right.
Trivia night. Our nickname was the Black pussycats? Don't ask!! We came in 5th I believe.
DJ: "What is the capital of Kentucky?"
Other girls: "it's Louisville"
Me: "Isn't it Lexington??"
Hannah: "YES! It's definitely Lexington"
DJ: The capital of Kentucky is "FRANKFORT!"
Other girls pointing at us and laughing: "You guys were wrong!!!"
Hannah: "Well the answer still would have been wrong if we put Louisville!!"
Me pondering that for a second: " oh yea.. good point."
We're at a bowling alley where most the patrons looked to be under 21. Shouldn't they be in bed getting ready for HIGH SCHOOL!?
The many faces of Hannah Montalvo. Seriously girl. Can you not give me one smiling picture!

Lunch earlier that day:
I have eaten this chirashi bowl 3 times since I've been back in the states. I think I'm its biggest fan.
My mom's portion plus an unpictured Dragon roll that included eel and avocado.
I had this bar for breakfast this morning on the way to some appointments. I really dig these Larabars. I can see it being an acquired taste for some peeps though.

My daddy came back in town today!! Just as I figured.. he's sleeping.

Movie to get excited about:
Anyone else find Ben Affleck's bad boy persona in this movie to be incredibly sexy? Ow-ow..

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