Sunday, 19 September 2010

Speaking of fresh ingredients.

Zucchini slices. Not those silly courgettes I've been hearing about in the UK

Green onions
More mushrooms. I love the texture of these when cooked. They are slightly crunchyand so fun to eat!
Fresh basil from my momma's garden. Basil is my favorite herb. I love the taste and the smell of basil!
Caramelizing onions
Seafood delight
Everything is coming together nicely...
Today's secret ingredient is..... FISH SAUCE! Not so secret actually. It makes asian food taste yummy!
I kept tasting it and saying "something is missing" and my mom finally figured it out after it was plated. GARLIC! She re-tossed it with the missing ingredient and this made it SO much better.
Waiting patiently for scraps. Sorry baby girl but you ain't getting any this time!
Let's sit down and feast!

Dessert: I made use of my breakfast cookie by crumbling it into my ice cream sundae. It added a chewy peanut butter texture that was droololicious. I will definitely do that again. uhm.. after my four letter word thang I'm starting on Monday. Yep.

Word of the day: Grateful. Grateful for family, food, friends, love, and everything else that this wonderful life has to offer each and every one of us.

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