Sunday, 19 September 2010


Pizza and a Bears win.. Life is good. I'm going through a Hawaiian pizza phase in my life. Clearly.

Plus wings.
I wouldn't recommend these from Dominos because there was too much fat getting in the way of the actual meat. Blah. Who wants to eat wings that are rubbery. Shoulda gone w. BWW!!

All this food must have made me sleepy because I took an unintentional nap. Rest and relaxation. Couldn't ask for a better Sunday.

I'm starting a diet tomorrow.

I'm using the term diet VERY loosely as I don't like the word. I plan on eliminating desserts and eating more cleanly. No more pizza, burgers, fried foods, and white foods. Just good, fresh from the earth, vegetables, and perhaps organic eating.

Speaking of, can we just cancel football season so I'm not tempted to eat my weight in wings and pizza!? :-D

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