Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Labor day

Thanks Mom!
Lots of veggies and seafood for Pajun, a korean pancake.
The drink was made with equal parts of:
I've never actually mixed the two together before but I loved the combo of the fizziness of the sparkling water and the sweetness of the juice. I remembered to look for 100% juice at the store. Mixing the two also cuts down on the calories without sacrificing taste. Yum!

I went and saw this with my mother
I've seen this twice already and cried both times. I suggest bringing a tissue if you're sort of a sap like me.  I haven't read the book so I'm not sure how well the book translated into a movie but I give it a two thumbs up. The only downside is that its pretty long.

I was ravishingly hungry after the movie so I snacked
Sabra aka my favorite packaged humus. Yay for being back in the States!

Dinner once again was made by my momma.
That's a cucumber veggie mixture with some kalbi, sauteed kale, and brown rice.


I reviewed for my French lesson on my downtime today so I think I deserve a little mindless junk aka Real Housewives reunion show and the Bachelor Pad :o)

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