Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Looking through old pictures..

Aren't animals the joy of life. RIP my kitties!! :)

Speaking of joys.. how about a huge washer and dryer.
I can't believe everyone in London haven't experienced the convenience of a separate washer and dryer. It's about efficiency peeps!! Sigh. I'll miss this.

Snack before my workout in the A.M.

I cringed when I first took a bite out of the Odwalla chocolate bar because it tasted too chalky but after a few more lingering bites, I began to taste the chocolate. I had half before the workout and the other half later on my drive into Oakbrook. You'll be seeing more Odwalla's because they were on sale 5 for $5. Rock on cheap deals.

Breakfast post workout:
I have to measure out my cereal for portion control or else I'll seriously pour in half the box. I like Kashi Go Lean because as it says on the box "As much protein as an egg".
Lookin pretty w. the blueberries. I ate this w. almond milk. Double taste bud explosion. Yumminess.

Lunch and dinner were uneventful so no pictures were taken. Could it be because my mom is on a conference for two days? I've lost all motivation to cook myself a unique dinner. Sad face :(. Let's hope for better luck tomorrow.

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