Friday, 6 August 2010

Whole Foods

Check out my loot:
This was my third time going to our local Whole Foods and as you can see, I didn't buy much. I wish I could but most items are so gosh darn expensive! While there, I realized I missed the experience of shopping at a large grocery store. We've been using this online grocery delivery program for the better part of this year because it became a hassle to lug around groceries without a car. I'm thinking of transitioning back despite that minor annoyance because I actually love going down all the aisles and checking out the new product. Also, I can't forget about the free samples that are strewn about the store. Today, I sampled some fresh mozzerella balls and a zuchinni and cabbage soup. So good!

For lunch I had:
I'm not a vegetarian nor do I intend on becoming one but I have no idea what has come over me lately. I think I just grew tired of the same flavors I was tasting and my taste buds needed a change. The patty was good but the actual size of it was pretty dinky small.

I also had some of this bad boy. Lately, I've been drinking water with every meal and that can get boring. I never actually found a replacement for diet soda so I'm always on the look out for something similar. This "special" tea is yummy! Not overly sweet just like I like my tea and cold, which I prefer on summer days. Plus, its a healthy alternative. Here is their motto:
No artificial preservatives
No artificial colourings
No artificial additives
No artificial sweeteners
No GMO's

Final product: Veggie burger with half of a wholemeal bun. Condiments: Organic ketchup and hot sauce. Sides: Broccoli and a bag of Wotsis, which is like cheese puffs in the states

Song of the day: American Honey by Lady Antebellum. Can't wait to see them in concert next Wed!

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