Friday, 6 August 2010


Food plug!  I found this bag of deliciousness when I went to the Earl's Court food exhibition. I was hooked the moment I tried a sample! This flavor is strawberry and banana and it is excellent eaten plain, with milk, or mixed in with a smoothie for an added sweetness and crunchy texture. It comes in other flavors such as apple cinnamon and berry. Mmmm..

My smoothie this morning unfortunately wasn't as good. I used too much spinach and overdid the coconut flakes on top. I also used Alpro soya milk light but I don't think that contributed to the funky taste. Not enough frozen fruit, too much green! I think its time for another grocery order from Ocado, our food delivery website.

My workout this morning consisted of this:
I did 3 sets of 15 of these exercises: squat, push ups,pull down, lunge,military press, upright row,tricep pushdown,leg extension, bicep curl, plank, and a few ab exercises in between. Currently, I'm listening to Eminem while strength training. I cooled down with a bit of Miley Cyrus and a salsa track that I'm really addicted to called Yo no se manana (Love!)


This foam roller is wonderful. I lay on my stomach and let it roll slowly over my quad and calf muscles. It definitely loosens up the tension I have built up from my workouts and runs. I also think its helping my hurt hip.
                                                                                                 Is it Friday already? Things coming up: Beer festival Saturday, Chelsea v. Man U game on Sunday. Who knew I would ever get this excited about a soccer match! Must remember to take pictures.

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