Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Veggie tales


Talk about veggie overload! You've got asparagus, onions, mushrooms, and zuchinni (or courgettes as they call it here in London). A little bit of salmon and a wholewheat roll on the side :). I prefer rice or some sort of other carb on the side but I figured the veggies/bread should suffice for today. I also snuck in a brownie to satisfy my sweet tooth.

My zumba experience this morning was not very pleasant. I often forget that enthusiastic teachers are what motivates me to sweat that extra bit more. I love both my regular teachers- I take zumba at two different virgin active gyms on separate days. You can tell they love what they do as they try to engage everyone in the room. My substitute teacher today was too lethargic and monotone for my taste. It's unfortunate she'll be subbing for 3 weeks.

I'm currently waiting for there to be another zumba instructor course offered in London. All of the courses are sold out or are too far away for me to attend. Apparently, zumba is becoming very popular and since it only requires a day of training, people are filling up spots fast. I would like to try and turn this hobby into a part time teaching gig. *Fingers crossed!*

Things to come: Take arf arf for a walk, trip to the bookstore, and catch up on some health/fitness magazines.

Song of the day: Seether "Breakdown"

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