Thursday, 5 August 2010


Dinner tonight:
So I'm trying to stay away from microwaveable dinners but I was feeling super hungry tonight so out from my freezer came a shrimp curry and lamb rogan meal. Also in the mix, some fried up tofu with a splash of soy sauce. I added some salt and pepper along with some spinach towards the end. More randomness on the plate: the last of my Uncle Ben's 2 minute rice packs. This one was mexican style rice.

Earlier tonight I met up with my brother's friend who just recently moved to London. I find that the longer I live here, the more people I meet who have transferred to the UK for work. Either way, I'm not complaining. I heart making new friends! We met up for a drink at Cadogen Arms, a gastropub that has the most amazing pint-o-prawns with a dipping sauce that compliments the shrimp perfectly. Sadly, I didn't order it and ended up just getting a pint of Tiger on draft. I'll have to go back there one last time before we leave Chelsea just so I can eat and take a picture of this dish.

 Book I'm trying to get through:
I've had this book for about a month and can't seem to get through the first few chapters. It's an international bestseller as it even says so in the front and I'm struggling! I googled the reviews and it appears the book does start out slow but it should get more interesting towards the middle. Here's to hoping..

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  1. I also started that one and couldn't get through it!