Sunday, 15 August 2010

No fortune in my fortune cookie!!

My Saturday morning started out with a dripping sweat session of body combat at my Virgin Active gym. 
Sort of looks like this but more intense and of course the ladies all look badass. :-D

Quick snack:
I was excited to try this organic frozen yogurt shop called Frae because I was looking for a Snog replacement due to our upcoming move. I thought this yogurt was creamier and less tart than Snog so I give it two thumbs up! That's green tea w. choco chips and mochi on top.

Afterwards, we did a 2 1/2 hour tour of Notting Hill based on the filming spots from the movie like the traveling bookshop and the private garden where Will and Anna sneak into. We tried watching the movie the other night but I found it cheesy watching it the second time around.

"After all... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"

After the tour, my tummy was speaking to me in loud voices and chinese food was calling my name.

I heart chinese food. Who doesn't like chinese food? Bring it ON!
Shredded duck with my fav. hoisin sauce
Hot and sour soup with lots of mushrooms, tofu,and shrimp. Just the right amount of spiceyness for this spicy lil chili pepper (me!)

Ginger prawns with sweet onions and spring onions

Assorted veggies smothered in an unknown but delicious sauce

Fried calamari. Crispy breading and big chunks of squid. YUMM-O!!

After dinner was:

Okay.. so we didn't exactly look like this but I thought it was a funny picture. Anyone dance like that in real life? In all honesty, there was lots of:

And I was serious about my title. I didn't get a fortune in my fortune cookie. What's up with that?

Throw back song of the day: Garth Brooks "She's Every Woman"

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