Sunday, 15 August 2010

I eat to live and live to eat.

My entire day involved around lounging around and eating. What a lazy Sunday. I did do a 5 mile run along the river Thames because it was just that beautiful of an afternoon. I love running when its sunny outside and still cool due to the breeze.

Lunch was at a restaurant called Made in Italy. The food was good but the service was a bit lacking. They took our reservation but refused to let us in at noon because their staff was eating. Could they not have eaten prior to their marked opening time? I was a hungry girl on a mission (and slightly hungover I must admit) and I was not amused. We also ordered pizza and was later told that this was not an option due to their dough not being ready. W.T.F?
I was so hungry that I didn't even think of unwrapping the cute duck figurine (I might have squealed like a little kid when I saw it) to show what was inside. That would be a seafood pasta with mussels,clams,shrimp,and squid with a tomato garlic sauce.
Spaghetti bolognese with fresh pasta. Fresh pasta is a nice change from the usual packaged noodles.

After lunch was an afternoon movie:

It's official...I'm a sap! I hate to admit that I shed a tear at the end of the movie. Something about the toys made me nostalgic about my childhood days. That reminds me.. where's my stuffed animal I used to snuggle with!?

Dinner tonight was at the Orrery restaurant. By far the best meal I've had in a very long time.

Started with the obvious:
French restaurants in London serve the best bread. This was definitely the case tonight. I had two pieces of the brown bread and a half of the baguette.
Everything is betta w. butta!

The glass of champagne came complimentary with the 3 course meal. I swear, it was forced. And so was this:
I ordered the lamb so a glass of red was in order.
Amuse Bouche of tomato gazpacho and something I couldn't exactly make out on top. It was chilled, foamy and delicious.
Starter: Lobster bisque with seafood tortellini. This is the new wave of comfort food.
Tender lamb with whipped potato goodness and summer vegetables.
I'm clearly happy and hunched over like nobodys business. I must work on my posture pronto!

 Pre dessert blackcurrant jelly

Dessert: creme brulee, pistachio cake, sorbet, and cherry compote. There goes my creme brulee kick again. Funny how taste buds change throughout your lifetime. This dessert was never on my repertoire growing up.

His: Meringue with fresh strawberries and creme. The eye of the swan was a piece of chocolate. I think I'm seeing a theme today...
Like we need any more sweets! It just wouldn't be the same without petit fours though. The one in the middle tasted like a waffle cone w. peanuts. The one behind it was a sesame crisp. The one on the right was coconut with passion fruit creme in the middle. The sugar jelly was apricot and too overly sweet for me. The chocolate truffle that can't be seen was their take on the ferrero rocher (I thought theirs was better!).

I'm stuffed like a turkey bird on Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to burning off some of these calories in the morning. G'night yall!

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