Friday, 13 August 2010

Cambio De Tercio

This is a nice way to start the evening:
crispy Manchego cheese lollipops
Red wine is always a good option on a cold and rainy day

They brought out this basket of goodies without us even having to ask. Such a rarity in London to have good service! Three kinds of homemade bread. I try to only eat one piece of bread at dinner but these were so good that I had all three.
The “new spicy patatas bravas”
These little bites were melt in your mouth potato deliciousness. So warm and gooey. The sauce on top reminded me of the spicy mayo sauce we had last night.
Fried squid “A la andaluza” with lime and Ali oliption
Calamari fries! I prefer mine a bit crispier but all the more healthier this way.
Prawns “a la plancha” garlic-parsley oil
You couldn't pay me to eat these shrimps with the heads on em a few months ago but I'm a big girl now and can cut the heads off myself :) Very well seasoned, plump, and juicy.

Basque style monkfish casserole, griddled razor clams, broad beans, asparagus tips, parley jus
This dish was probably my least favorite. I thought the sauce lacked any real flavor and the fish was too chewy for my liking. I've decided that monkfish is probably one of my least favorite fish. I like fish that are light, flaky and buttery and monkfish does not possess these qualities.
Red wine caramelised ox tail, with green apple “textures”
The ox tail was meaty and sweet from the red wine carmelisation.
Sautéed spinach, pine nuts and raisins

Char grilled baby lamb cutlets, aubergine puree, manzanilla green olives, glazed potato
Caramelized torrija (Spanish bread pudding), Crème Catalan ice cream
I have to stop eating so much dessert. I'm getting spoiled! The sugary crust on top of the bread pudding was amazing.
Madelines with a lemon syrup drizzle and chocolate truffles
More dessert to top off the amazing meal. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to friends.

Yawwwn.... watching Notting Hill and dozing off early tonight!

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