Sunday, 29 August 2010

Last night's rendition...

Last night. Yoisho restaurant.
I prefer hot sake over cold. I enjoy sipping it.
Kimchi (a korean side dish) at a Japanese restaurant. I can deal with that.
Yakisoba-greasy but delicious!
Fried octopus topped with the sauce they provide w. pork tontkatsu
Pork cutlets
Fried chicken
I'm not sure what sauce they smothered this in but it was the best eggplant I've had in a while.
Skewers of chicken, meatball, quail egg, gizzard, heart, pork belly, and chicken wings. Not for the faint hearted. I didn't like the gizzard or the heart. Yuck.
Fried shitaki shrooms in soy sauce deliciousness
Green tea noodle salad. You can't see the noodles but they were such a pretty green color. So yummy and healthy!
Seafood omelette

Sidenote: this oversized meal was eaten w. a friend.

Chocolate brownie ice cream with a Belgian waffle. The ice cream was SOOOO good. The brownie chunks had a gritty texture, which I love and it was incredibly chocolatey! My mouth is salivating now just thinking about it!! I might have did a happy dance after I finished eating it :)

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