Saturday, 28 August 2010

Wine in the afternoon makes me sleeeeepy!

My body combat class this morning was amaaazing as usual. My instructor is one badass chick. I can tell she has some martial arts experience because of her kicking and punching techniques. I assure you she's not just aimlessly punching in the air!

After class, I was ready for lunch. I really wanted to sit outside because the sun finally reared its pretty face. There is a quaint outdoor area with a few restaurant options near where we live called Battersea Square.
Even the sun wanted to shine on the menu!
We went to a Taste London restaurant called Rivera. Taste London is a discount card that gives you either a 50% discount off your total bill or a 2 for l on everything but alcohol.
The house white wine. When in the mood for something light, refreshing and on the cheap, we always order the house. I very rarely turn my nose up at a restaurant's house wines.

Carbo-licious garlic bread w. mozzerella cheese. Gooey and warm!


Their spin on prawn cocktail with a huge avocado (gotta eat those healthy fats)

Grilled sardine salad (Superfood alert!) I find sardines hard to eat. I understand the bones are digestible but it is not a very pleasant eating experience for me. I will have to find another way to get these healthy buggers into my diet.

Yes.. Those were only the appetizers. This girl can eat if you had any doubts! I had the vegetarian pizza.  I could only stomach two slices (2 large slices) because of all the appetizers we ordered.
His: Veal Milanese

After lunch, I made an executive decision to have a lazy Saturday afternoon (can you blame me after all that food?!) and skip the rugby match. I decided my book and bed was calling my name instead. Needless to say, the nap won over my book. Getting up early every morning takes its toll sometimes. My body was saying "SLEEEEEEEP".

Song of the day: Little Big Town "Bring it on home to me"

New reading material. Oh yes.

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