Thursday, 12 August 2010

I'm a pescatarian tonight!

Pink prosecco is aight by me!

The fiancee shucked these himself. Oysters are slippery and so good. Don't knock it til you try it :)
Homemade spicy mayo sauce. Tastes just like the restaurant stuff!

Salmon,Tuna,Mackeral, and Scallop nigiri with Mackeral tartare on the side.

He's still hard at work:
Busy doing what I do best:
No, in all honesty, he told me I was not allowed in the kitchen tonight. What else could I do. I swear. I'm being forced to drink this lovely bubbly!

Salmon,avocado, and scallion roll

Spicy tuna and scallion wrapped in salmon and pink bream

Scallop w. avocado and pink bream nigiri

Desserts: Brownies, Carrot cake & Chocolate cupcake with cheesecake frosting.
With a bit of foot on the side.

Compliments to the chef! Thanks boo boo!!

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