Thursday, 12 August 2010

So close..

Holy smokes was I happy to be here!
You can't tell from this picture but when we got there, the line was SOOOOOOO long. I was pissed. I grumbled something like "what do these people know about country music, hmph!!"
The actual venue though was super intimate (code word small). As soon as I got in, I did a happy dance to the venue.

My camera did not do them justice. I have never seen a band this close before. Time to get a new camera you say?

I sang and danced my way into country bliss...

Hillary Scott is so beautiful and has the most incredibly voice!!
Damn pink camera stop creepin!!

I swear that is not my hand!!

Sigh.. country music warms my soul and makes my world a better place and so does a yummy breakfast:
Wholewheat french toast with cinnamon, brown sugar and warm bananas.

Shake the booty time aka Zumba!!

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