Sunday, 8 August 2010

Look at all the beers!!

Before we attempted to leave for the beer festival, something horrendous happened!!

That's the last time I buy expensive sunglasses!

Tarek attempted to pop the lens back in place
"Don't break the lens!"

Beer will make the day better!

Did I catch you at a bad time sir?
Note to self: come on the first day next year since a lot of beers sell out
cute pint glasses

they sure know how to give a generous portion!
This is how we do

Tarek used to drink this in college!
Framboise beer
Beer everywhere! Tarek and I opted for thirds of mostly everything we sampled. I think we might have had about 10 samples.

Can't forget about the nourishments:

The line for this burger was SO long but so worth it in the end. We ended up getting the wild boar and kangaroo. Initially, I told Tarek I didn't want to eat the animal with the cute pouch in the front but as soon as we got to the front, the lady serving us told me it tasted like venison. Don't hate me, I just couldn't say no!!
Surprise surprise, the kangaroo wasn't that good so I opted to eat more of the boar burger. DELISH! The patty is lean and has a very unique and gamey taste. Chips are a must for me when eating a burger:

I'm clearly ending on a good note. One last picture before its time to leave!

The night ended very early yesterday. Dinner was takaway from Yumenoki, our local sushi joint. :( sad face because no pictures were taken.

Time for my run!

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