Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy feet!

Afternoon exercise: Total Body Conditioning class. Although it is only a 45 minutes class, I was very surprised the first time I took it how sore I became the next day. I quickly learned it is not about quantity but the quality of exercises you do. My instructor takes simple exercises but does them in intervals and repetitions.

Exercises: Step work, Squats, one-legged squats, push ups, plank, crunches, and cardio exercises. Phew!!
Earlier this morning, I went to the park. I love this view. The park was pretty empty this morning. Perhaps people were afraid of the impending rain. Regardless, it was very peaceful until this little rascal..
Running around like a bat outta hell! Where's Waldo?

Lunch today:

Mixture of curly kale and spinach. I love my bitter kale! I see kale chips in my near future.

Brown rice to make up for my pasta mistake last night.
Chicken marinated in garlic, ginger, honey, soy sauce, and sesame oil.
Finished product! See how the huge basketful of greens turned into this small amount cooked.

Yum! I'm hooked on these juices.

Song of the day: "La Vie Boheme"- Rent

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