Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good vibrations..

Powerplate rocks my socks off! I tried a "How to powerplate" tutorial this morning and I was lucky because I was the only participant. Apparently, everyone already knows how to powerplate or haven't discovered it yet (me being the latter). I wanted to try something new. I think fitness pros recommend varying your workouts every 4-6 weeks so that your muscles don't get accustomed to the same exercises.

My instructor informed me that doing a 20 minute session on the powerplate (squats, lunges, tricep dips, etc) was equivalent to doing 40 minutes of the same exercises on the gym floor- I can dig that!
After the tutorial, I did a 20 minute class with 3 other women (there are only 4 powerplates in the gym). I also considered it another stroke of luck that there was a booking error and only 3 people were signed up that morning and I could join in.

After class, I stopped by Waitrose- a supermarket that I would say is similar to Jewel or Dominicks. Maybe a higher end Dominicks. I picked up this bad boy:
This is a popular drink I've seen on many fitness/food blog sites. I had always wanted to try it and I'm glad I did. It is filled with good electrolytes to keep you hydrated and feeling good. The coconut taste was very light. I was expecting a surge of coconut flavor but I think I'm confusing this with a pina colada or sweetened coconut flakes :P. The one downside for this little treat is that it costs almost 3 American dollars. That is one expensive drink! I'm going to try and find it somewhere that I can buy in bulk.

Hunger pains:
Also a new product I'm trying. I make sure that my wholemeal breads or bagels in this case have more than 3 grams of fiber. I can't make my breakfast protein smoothies anymore since the blender is kaput so I needed a temporary breakfast substitute.

Fresh berries with wholegrain bagel topped with laughing cow cheese (only 35 calories!!) and drizzles of honey yo. I liked this bagel. I toasted it so it was slightly crispy on the outside and it had a nice chewy texture. So delicious and nutritious :)

Song of the day: Jo-Jo "Underneath"

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