Sunday, 22 August 2010

Chef Boyar T

I was starving after Zumba this afternoon. There was lots of hip circling, pop locking, salsa cha-cha cha-ing involved in our class today. I was dripping in sweat. I think I need cute zumba clothes like this chick:
Wouldn't I look so much cuter if I wore these to my zumba workouts? Fugetaboutit!!

Anyways..back to being starving. Dinner was prepared by T tonight- pasta with crab meat and shrimp.. muy delicioso!
I was in charge of taking the pasta out of the pot when I thought it was done. I like my pasta a little past the point of al dente; shame on me, I am not a true italiano!
My heaping portion of pasta with a splash (okay more like a generous pour) of sauvignon blanc.

GASP! What is this I see?! Big no no on the white pasta. I packed away my whole wheat pasta for our upcoming move so we had to make do with what we had. Whole wheat pasta is so much better for you and tastes almost identical to regular pasta. There is NO reason why people shouldn't be eating WW pasta (well except if you're gluten free).

Little miss piggy is still hungry:
Fat free yogurt w. granola, coconut flakes, cocao nibs, and a half of a vegan ginger cookie crumbled on top. YUM!

Evening reading tonight:
I'm such a sappy sucker!

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