Sunday, 22 August 2010

The spice of life

Last night, we met some friends for Indian food on Brick lane. Brick lane is a street in East London that offers many different Indian options. People stand in front of their establishments and try to entice you inside with their special dinner offer. We were promised 30% off and no service charge. SOLD!
Sauces for our pappadoms: My favorite is always the mango chutney. It's like jam! The one I liked the least was the pickeled lime on the bottom right. Whoever decided it was a good idea to eat it is just as silly as the next person who likes to eat orange rinds. Yuck!

I think these are the Indian version of chips and salsa. They are great with the dipping sauces.
*Mental note- remember to turn on the flash next time.* BYOB. I love places that allow you to bring your own booze. My fellow peeps drank COBRA (an Indian beer). I imbibed in:
Mixed grill appetizer- the meats were all very tender and flavorful. I had a bite of each with the salad accompaniment
Lamb biriyani- Seasoned rice with nice big tender chunks of lamb.
Chicken tikka masala- this is most red I've ever seen Chix Tikka but that means less cream=less fat
My dinner plate. I had a good sized portion of everything and half of a garlic naan. Garlic naan is a flatbread that reminds me of pita bread, only thinner and slightly bigger. It is usually dripping in butter and garlic. :) mmm.
EEEK!! I didn't learn from my last picture to sit up straight. Blergh. At least the company was lovely!

Breakfast this morning:
My body was screaming for something refreshing and healthy. My fruit sundae was comprised of 0% fat free greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, flax seed, wheat germ, and agave syrup layers.

Lunch today was at the Ebury:
I wish I didn't love bread and butter so much! At least the bread was whole grained!
Mine: Curried scallops w. french green beans, hazelnuts, and oranges. Apparently, I didn't get enough of the curry last night.
His: Smoked salmon w. scrambled eggs and olive oil drizzled bread.
Sticky toffee sundae: My goal is to try all the sticky toffee this city has to offer! I don't care if it's barely past 1 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon :). This one in particular was sub par. The pudding wasn't as moist as I'm used to and the toffee sauce could have been warmer. You can't go wrong with ice cream and clotted cream though.

Food induced coma later.. I'm off to Zumba!!

Movie review: I enjoyed Salt and you will too if you don't go in with high expectations for a complex thriller. It gave me all the elements I needed; action, a kick ass woman, and plot twists. I would recommend it for an alternative Friday night out.

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