Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thank you Steve Hatt

and huge thank-you to the hubs for preparing this lovely sushi lunch
I came back from the gym SO pleasantly surprised. I was craving sushi-- how did he know?!? :-)
this was T's take on a baked scallop dish that we had at Mai Sushi. The scallops were baked in a delicious spicy mayo sauce with roe on top. OMG.. it was/is drool worthy!!
a whole lotta fresh fish

and freshly shucked oysters!!

Seriously, if you've never had an oyster, you're missing one of the greatest slippery experiences in your life. They are so delicious!
asian inspired oysters with mirin, sesame oil, and roe
beautiful aren't they?!
so sad when they are all gone :(
T made us chirashi bowls with most of the fish
yay I love ginger- such a wonderful palate cleanser

salted cooked mackerel and after all that heavy white rice, time for a nap!

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