Thursday, 21 July 2011

Zumba struggles

snack before subbing Zumba.
asparagus soup (with siracha squeezed in!)
oat cakes with aubergine pesto
these wheat free crackers don't really taste like anything but the hearty texture is starting to grow on me-- plus it just takes on whatever flavor is on its topping. 

sauteed broccoli and zuchinni
Bigham's sweet and sour chicken PLUS spinach
look ma no rice! I've been doing pretty well this week with not eating complex carbs at dinner. Who doesn't like a side of rice or potatoes with their meat? Its a habit I'm trying to kick! I have to admit though that I did have a glass of white wine after my horrific night yesterday. On the way to Zumba (pointlessly rushing to get there early) I spilled my drink all over my bag and got my new book, cds, and wallet SOAKED with sticky powerade grrrr. To top it off, I thought the class I subbed didn't enjoy my class. I'm trying my best to not be so dang sensitive.. its just hard! I'm only human :)


mmm.. I'm so glad coffee is back in my life :-)

Workout: POP pilates Bikini Workout @
Protein smoothie:
My package came today!! T ordered me a long distance lens for our my Nikon camera. Sweeeeet!!! I'm also enrolled in a master 2 hour photography class in a few weeks that will hopefully teach me how to use my camera @
ha! I've sort of just been pointing and snapping. I'm assuming there's some sort of order to this photography business.
Agenda: read, teach, relax

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  1. From my to our to your camera??!!!

    Enjoy the new lens!