Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Big Book of Exercises

Day 2 and so far so good on sticking to the list of rules I made for myself :-P In all seriousness, the list isn't exactly written in stone but its definitely helping me make smarter eating choices.
after rehearsing some zumba routines, I had some sliced strawberries with cottage cheese and agave nectar. The agave syrup gave this the sweetness I was craving!
while making this concoction, I accidentally dropped the tub of cottage cheese on the floor. Sad face :(
Guess its no more cottage cheese for me until our next Ocado order!!
lunch was a huge plate of leftovers. Maybe I should have included something on my list regarding portion size, EEP!
I had my breakfast cookie prior to teaching zumba. It was good but I forgot to add in some sweetener the recipe calls for like stevia or maybe even honey. Whatever bite I had with raisins was perfectly sweet though!
After teaching and going to my salsa class, it was already 9:30 and I purposefully "accidently" stopped by Subway and got a turkey sub sandwich. I must've had a change of "no complex or refined carbs for dinner" heart because I made eggs (1 whole egg, 2 egg white) scramble with broccoli and hummus. The combination was really satisfying and delicious!
so glad I decided to go for this lighter meal except I forgot broccoli=fiber=tummy bloat. Today I have this little pudge in my tummy that won't go away.
Breakfast of champions this morning!
more of the usual w. a side of mangoes and blueberries

I made a morning trip out to Waterstones, a UK bookstore to pick up some more reading material.
I know I'm not a man but seriously, there was a lack of good female strength training books. The BIG BOOK of exercises has different moves to target each muscle in the body. It's quite comprehensive! In case you didn't know, I'm a fan of anything Men's (or Women's Health) and it doesn't hurt that there are colored pictures in there ;) ha ha ha.. I also picked up Patrick Holford's ONB-- The book is huge!! I'm going for an open house this Saturday to ION, the institute Holford founded in 1984. According to the book, it's the largest training school in the UK to offer degree-accredited training in nutritional therapy. I'm super excited to check it out!

Snack prior to PUNCH class:
I'm extra hungry these days that even breakfast won't keep me full til lunch!
I gobbled down my turkey sub from last night after class. As expected, the bread was soggy and the entire sandwich not very tasty but it did the job :)
 Agenda: read the ONB, substitute teach a Zumba class in Kentish town, RELAX!


  1. The diet section of this book is also great for a general "good health and weight loss" program. Follow this and you will see results. But, if you really want to "get ripped" and blow everyone away in a bikini come summer time (awesome abs, super sexy butt and legs, well defined arms, etc), most people will have to diet harder than this book suggests.

    If you're on the fence on this book, get off of it and buy it. It will help you no matter what stage of fitness you are at.

  2. yep, I definitely agree. I also like the different workout suggestions in the back. It also helps when I'm in a rut and can't think of what exercises to do for different muscle groups.