Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shandis restaurant

After my Zumba class, we went out to dinner at Shandish, a Persian restaurant on Upper Street. I had a huge glass of red and T had a sour yogurt drink- blegh! :-D I don't think I like these yogurt drinks he always seems to order.
We got the hummus and a warm aubergine dip with walnuts to start. I was SO hungry!
this dip was delicious- I can't quite describe the taste but the texture was really smooth and creamy. Yuuuuumm!!
Naan as big as yo face to dip
We got the grilled meats platter to share
the chicken wings were my favorite
We both thought that the flavor of the meats were alright. The meats were tender but nothing really had any sparkle to it. My rice also tasted a bit like soap- I swear I'm not joking! T also thought everything could have used more saffron and yogurt. Overall the food was enjoyable but not our favorite. Plus- a server of ours could have DEFINITELY used an attitude adjustment. Listen here lady AHEM*****- you WORK in a service industry, the least you could do is SMILE :) A friendly smile goes a long way!
After dinner, we rushed off to see Bridesmaids which I thought was flipping HILARIOUS! I loved it- aka literally laughed out loud at most parts, which I'm sure T loved. I would highly recommend seeing it. I like that it had a heartwarming (best friend) element to balance out a very funny movie.
Breakfast was a failed attempt at fried eggs- they ended up being slightly scrambled/fried :-D At least it was still tasty! Time to get my zumba on and then it's the GLEE concert tonight at the 02!!
My favorite Glee songs: The Only Exception, Teenage Dream, Faithfully, When I get you Alone, Forget You

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