Sunday, 26 June 2011


So the Glee concert was amaaazing last night. I wanted to shoot myself in the foot though because I forgot my camera and the stars just happened to switch from the main stage to the middle stage right in FRONT OF US!! Grrr...  All I could do was take really really crappy pictures on my Iphone- Blergh.. Just my luck!
"Mercedes" sounded just as good live as she does on the show.
I was sort of freaking out when the Warblers came on stage. Am I a little girl or what!
They of course performed Teenage Dream *heart swoooooon!*

I'm not really sure why I'm even posting these blurry pictures.. maybe for really crap evidence?
Yes, I could have touched Darren Criss arm but I was too busy taking this really amazing photograph. Lol..
I think Lea Michele is my favorite voice on the show. Her voice gives me goosebumps most of the time!
The concert was really enjoyable even though we were surrounded by kids half our age, ha!

Some of yesterday's eats:
Okay I swear yesterday was the last time I'm going to get Pret's tuna salad (because I'm going to make one at home myself!)
They left out the grilled beans!! Bummer..
with a side of my favorite chips!
and I mixed in some pretzels :-)
this is an awesome Hagen Daas flavor w. chunks of graham crackers.. yum!
afternoon snack: toast w. aubergine spread and mexican chilli soup
I think this is supposed to go on pasta but its really good on toasted bread!!

Dinner: takeaway from Meza Express
Grilled meats
with hummus
Everything was really delicious but I'm beginning to think that I've been eating too much meat lately. I've been reading my beauty detox book and one of the suggestions is to switch to a predominately plant based diet. There are numerous studies out there that show a correlation between certain types of cancer and an increased consumption of animal/meat products. I don't think I can give up meat entirely but I don't see myself having a problem with consuming it maybe three or four times a week instead of everyday like I usually do. Anyways.. just a thought!
She's reading it through osmosis :-D
I made some pancakes for breakfast this morning. I heart fluffy buttermilk pancakes!

I made some plain and dark chocolate chip cakes

Agenda: Run around Regent's (I'm going to use my new GymBoss to do some intervals!!), Zumba, Bachata class, Relax!

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