Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Massage those Kale leaves

Kale massaged with EVOO, salt, and pepper.
Wholegrain bagel with smoked turkey, mayo, and siracha
Lots of kale chips on the side
Mid afternoon snack of fruits and Green&Blacks dark chocolate with orange infusion. I love G&B's dark chocolate---So good!

Zumba was a sweaty success. The room I taught in was SO tiny and didn't have much ventilation so it felt like we were in there doing Bikram Yoga (although I've never even tried it-I can imagine how much you sweat!) I  was literally dripping head to toe in sweat. Gross but sort of ammaaazing!! :-D
I was lucky enough to meet T and his family for takeaway dinner from Di Monforte. It was right down the street from where I was teaching.
I INHALED this when I came home. The salmon was cooked to perfection (flaky and soft- YUM!) and the onion compote on top was delicious with the fish and potatoes. Definitely a better eating experience than the seabass I had when we ate in the other week.
Buttermilk pancakes with dark chocolate chips and agave syrup on top for ME
Maple syrup topping for HIM
New reading material! I would much rather be reading this all day instead of studying Korean and preparing for my class tonight :-P
T's father brought me more of my favorite scent- I love this schtuff! Perfect timing too as I'm almost finished with my bottle.

Today's busy busy agenda ;) : nap (yes, I'm still tired!), Punch class, Korean studies, Korean class, SLEEP!

Song of the day: Robin Thicke "When I get you alone"

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