Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Portland Wineries

Huevos Rancheros- black beans, cheese, avocado, sour cream, salsa, egg over medium with corn tortillas. I've never ordered this dish for breakfast before but all the ingredients together were very tasty.
"Man-cakes" - as seen on Man vs. Food. Apparently, if you eat three of these guys you get your picture posted up on the wall. I don't believe the host was able to finish them. We ordered the whole wheat blueberry cakes. They were delicious and especially wheat-y.

he he he. I like the Charlie Sheen painting. We met the local artist who do these paintings that just happened to walk in to the cafe as we were speaking about him. He was covered in paint, ha!
The hubs showing his brother how his new 3DS works. It's actually a pretty cool gadget but boys will be boys!
We decided to forgo Omar's porsche for the winery trip but check it out.
The trunk is a storage unit. Pretty nifty :)
First winery stop of the day @ Tyrus Evan
I took pictures while the boys did their tasting. I wasn't in the mood to drink but I did get to smell a bunch of wines. Mmmm... pinot..

checking out the book collection
Poor Paul and his leg!

We stopped at Horse Radish for lunch

olives and bread. A classic combination.

a delicious spread of cheeses
I also had a bowl of the chicken and wild rice soup. It was thick and full of wild rice and tender chunks of chicken. Yum!
The last winery stop of the day: Stoller Winery. It was a beautiful sight to take in.

Portland was so good to us but now we're back in Chicago for a remainder of 4 days and my brother's law school graduation. Hip Hip Hoooooray!!

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