Saturday, 14 May 2011


Chicken lettuce wraps
crab cakes
california roll
my preggie friend opening her gifts
I love buying baby gifts and living vicariously through my friends :)

either that dress is really unflattering or I've gained a TON of weight. eeek!!
We've arrived at U of I for my brother's law school graduation and we're here to eat some fried foods!
my bro making the recommendations on what to order

this was a very delicious fried fish sandwich.
the fried chicken was good but it still doesn't measure up to the greasy fried chicken in London.
U of I is such a cute college town. definitely brought me back in time..
we went to a Korean restaurant for dinner and received amazing service and pretty decent food.

we stopped at a local college bar for a sample of beer and some socialization
lots of beers to choose from

3 years of school sure go by fast.. Congrats to my older brother for finishing law school cum laude!!
Unfortunately, we brought the camera that doesn't have a very good lens :(. These pictures were the best I could do!

proud momma

"lets get a back shot"
snacking after the ceremony
future Judge?
..hey I can pretend!
We went to a Thai restaurant for Joe's graduation dinner. We all ate till we were STUFFED!! Dwaeji's! The food was all very tasty..

thai iced tea

mango strawberry cheesecake
fried banana dipped in honey with vanilla ice cream. Yuuuuuuummmm..
One last photo before heading back home!

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