Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Oak Bistro

The hubby and I finally made it to afternoon tea @ the Swissotel. I had bought it off Groupon for his birthday back in November and finally got to book it.
It was a delicious spread. We have scones on top with clotted cream and strawberry jam.
 An assortment of sandwiches: smoked salmon, cornish chicken, ham and cheese, and cucumber.
Apricot and creme phyllo pastry and a sugar glazed muffin.
A ginormous plate of London touristy inspired cookies and chocolates. Big Ben was a chocolate and raspberry filled tower and Buckingham palace was hazelnut filled.
coconut pannacotta with an apricot jelly on top and a layered chocolate dessert with a crunchy bottom. I tried a little taste of each cookie but definitely couldn't finish all of it. So much sweets!! I would recommend going to the Swissotel for afternoon tea. Probably the best one I've been to so far :)

Saturday morning, we left for an overnight trip to Cambridge with Arf Arf. I forgot my camera though so all I could take were Iphone pictures :(
She's such a little rascal! She kept whimpering and barking until we had to let her out of the cage... sit on daddy's lap. The girl always gets what she wants ;)
We were starving upon arrival to Cambridge so after we checked into our hotel, we went to Cote brasserie for lunch. I got the tuna nicoise salad. The fresh tuna was cooked perfectly. Slightly rare on the inside. DELISH!!
T had the croque madame.
I also ordered a side of chips
We walked around the city center and enjoyed the shops and sights. The only picture I managed to get was this guy playing his guitar and singing from inside a garbage can. W.T.F??
The holiday wasn't just for us. We also wanted to give the lil rascal a chance to run outside.
and boy did she run. Run all the way away from us and onto a field that wasn't designated for our use. Oops!! Thankfully T was able to corner her and get her back safely. We definitely won't be letting her off the lead anytime soon.

We had dinner reservations @

The dining experience was quite lovely. The service was great and the ambiance very cozy and
freshly baked bread with a tasty dipping oil.
Mushroom and truffle oil risotto. So silky, warm, and amazing.

Garlic and parsley prawns
Seabass with potatoes and spinach in a saffron mussel sauce.
Duck confit with braised red cabbage and mashed potatoes
side of mixed vegetables
Apple and berry crumble with ice cream on top. What a lovely way to end a delicious meal. I would definitely recommend the Oak Bistro to anyone making a trip out to Cambridge. Such a great meal!

I feel a lazy Sunday afternoon coming on. :)

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