Saturday, 23 April 2011

Kensington Place

The bank holiday started off on a great foot of eggs with cinnamon and all-spice all wrapped in pita bread. Breakfast middle eastern style. Yum!
w. a yogurt bowl plus strawberries, raisins, seeds, germ, and agave nectar.

After indulging me in seeing Scream 4, T and I grabbed Indian at Guufa.
You can't beat a lunch deal for £5.50!
I got the chicken korma and veggies. It was delicious as always.

T got the lamb and potatoes

Dinner out w. the ladies at Kensington Place.
Put those girls away! You know where some of my weight goes when I start eating all those desserts :)

Jerusalem and Artichoke soup to start. I'm watching buddy so you don't miss a drop!

This sea bass was probably the best prepared fish I've had in a long time. The skin of the fish was incredibly crispy and the fish tender n' ever so scrumptious!
My friend got the goat cheese biscuit (not the UK version of a biscuit but like a U.S.of A buttermilk biscuit) looking type dish. I snuck in a bite and it tasted like fluffy mashed potatoes. Pretty tasty!
A nice bottle of white French wine to accompany our meal.
I really enjoyed my dessert as well. Floating island: vanilla parfait with praline and salted caramel. The souffle was sweet and very fluffy. The vanilla ice cream was covered by crunchy salt caramel. I honestly wanted to lick my plate :)
chocolate delice w. malt ice cream and sesame tuile. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a solid meal w. attentive service. I was pleasantly surprised :)

We're off to Milan today! :-D.

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