Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Eats of Milan

My first cappuchino in Milan! O' coffee how I've missed you!
We have a Princi in London but we've never eaten there. This was right by our hotel and the only thing open all weekend (okay its a bit of a stretch but honestly, almost everything was closed!) Apparently, everything shuts down in Milan for Easter weekend.
The pizza was surprisingly cheesy and delicious for takeaway.
This was the first interesting thing I saw on display. A pastry with an egg AND sprinkles in it? I must have it! It was decent. It tastes exactly what it looks like.

Our first dinner in Milan was at Da Maruzella. A spot for locals and tourists alike.
Score! I was able to sneak in a picture of the pizzas being made in this wood fired oven.

cute mini jug of red wine for ME!
Beer for him.
buffalo cheese pizza with mushrooms split in two. The pizza was delicious. Either my mind is playing tricks on me or there truly is nothing better than eating pizza in Italy.

The best lobster pasta I've ever had!! The sauce for the pasta was amazing and the lobster was perfectly cooked.Yumm-O!!
Veal milanese. Great service, amazing food. What a great first night in Milan :)
After dinner treat right across the street from the restaurant.
Pistachio and chocolate gelato.
Mc Donalds for lunch was a disappointment. The hubs and I have a vacation tradition to eat the country's special McDonald's items. This time it was a chicken sandwich with mushroom and spinach and a speck beef burger. Both were EHHH..
The beef was overcooked and the ciabatta bun was dry and tough to eat.
More eats from Princi: a sweetened croissant with crunch sugar bits on top.
Chocolate cake w. raspberries
An olive, cheese, and tomato foccacia as a snack.
Happy hour treats
an 8 euro drink gives you all access to the happy hour buffet table
the green olives were amazing! I swear I tasted a hint of green tea.
Wine for two
Dinner @ La Rosa Nera
We were offered a plate of bruschetta and pizza to start.
fresh tagliatelli

Grilled seafood platter
Ossobuco w. saffron risotto. The risotto was pretty amazing.

Such decadent desserts: Come to Mama!

In house desserts: Tiramisu. It isn't my favorite dessert but this was pretty spectacular. Creamy and full of coffee liquor flavor. Delicious!
Chocolate and pear tart.
Last lunch pitstop before heading to the airport @ Brick Oven.
cute coca cola light can. I decided to give in to my temptation of pizza and soda. The perfect combination of salty and sweet. :)
I love buffalo cheese!
T's quatro formaggi cheese pizza.

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