Sunday, 6 March 2011

Things I miss

Friday's lunch of open faced tuna sandwiches with romaine lettuce on top and a side of sauteed kale and spinach. I was only able to make it through one piece of bread. Future note for next time. My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach!!
Snack of salsa and mashed up avocados
with some tortilla chips. I missed Baked Lays.
Hmm.... what else do I miss right now..
The Chicago skyline. There's nothing like driving up Ohio street and seeing the tall lit up city lights. So fucking beautiful!
the craziness that surrounds Wrigley. A sea of blue and red
Working out to Sports Center....or just working out period. I haven't gone to the gym in weeks. I hate my foot.
the sun. lake. warmth.. mmmm...
TJ'S!!!! Gotta love it. Is there anything similar to TJ's here in London????
Portillos and Chicago style hot dogs.
I'm missing all the March Madness action!!! I just can't seem to get into football aka soccer. It's a fun game and all but I have no personal attachments to it.

I'll be back in the states in May. Can't wait!!
Dinner on Friday: Papa Johns
Thin crust chicken bbq pizza.
Garden veggie pizza. We vegged out on the TV and watched some True Blood and Top Chef. We're down to the final 5! I'm rooting for Antonia :)
T made another mmm mmm delicious omelette with a side of fried halloumi cheese.
Peppers and cheese omelette on top of half a bagel.
Another brother and sister cooking lesson. On the menu: Thai food
Wonton wrapped shrimp dumplings
Yellow chicken curry
Shrimp and Tofu pad thai
Chicken curry on the pot!
The pad thai was delicious. My only regret was the portion size was too small for the 5 of us!
One fried and one steamed with sweet chili dipping sauce. I preferred the fried one :o) YUMM!!!
The chicken curry was spot on. It was very flavorful and just the right amount of spiceyness for everyone.

Chop Chop chinese for dinner:
thai style seafood vermicelli noodle soup. We always get this dish here because it is just that good. Coconut spicy soup with prawns and fishcakes.
Veggie spring rolls
Prawn fried rice.

Time to relax. Catch up on some Real Housewives and study!!

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