Thursday, 24 March 2011

Omega 3, 6, 9

Afternoon snack of oranges for a Vitamin C kick
leftovers for lunch- morrocan tagine chicken with wholewheat pasta and asparagus/kale/spinach mixture
Dinner last night was from T's cafeteria- veggie lasagna with cabbage, edamame, and spicy chicken wings he picked up on the way back from work. Mmm.. fried chicken wings.. Yuuuuuummm...
Breakfast smoothie
I got lazy this morning because we haven't been able to use our kitchen sink (we're waiting for our new dishwasher to be hooked up to the water hose) and I didn't feel like leaving ANOTHER dirty pan to be washed later so smoothie it was! I rinsed out the Vitamix in our bathroom sink. :-P Improvisation!

Lunch @ Pret A Manger
Hummus salad with beet root, roasted red pepper, seeds, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chickpeas with a tortilla roll and a vinegar based dressing. It was mighty filling and delicious!

Stopped by Holland and Barrett before meeting a friend for window shopping and outside cafe chit chat :)
Rice pudding w. a heaping tablespoon of ground seeds on top.  I read in my nutrition book that it's better to eat seeds that are ground because your body finds it easier to digest. Lots of good nutritious stuff in the bag:
Nap time!

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