Monday, 7 March 2011

Business cards

I think my ankle is starting to heal! This is great news!! It still hurts in the morning per usual but it isn't AS painful to walk on it. So yes, what I thought was a foot injury, turns out its my ankle instead. Unfortunately, my outdoor assessment is today so I'm going to be a pain in someone's ass and have to have them modify their exercises for my bum ankle. I'm praying for a quick heal so I can get back to my usual spunky self :)
The hubby brought back home my favorite mexican in a takeout box! Carne asada with pinto and black beans and all the other fixins. Yum!
They were definitely not stingy with the guacamole.
My business cards have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited that I just might start handing them out to strangers. hehehe..
Quick muffin breakfast and I'm off to study my teaching portion of today's assessment. I'm hoping someone's looking out for me today!! :)

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