Thursday, 17 March 2011

Back to Business

We met a friend for dinner that was in town on business from Japan.
Yum! I haven't had fresh baguettes w. butter in a while :)
it also came with some black olive tapenade that was delicious.
I ordered the french onion soup as my starter. They sort of overdid it on the cheese but the broth and onions were tasty!
T's calamari w. tartar dipping sauce.
My main was duck confit on a bed of lentils and mushrooms. The duck was nicely cooked and very tender.
T's lamb shank with carrot mash.
I figured since we were in the Covent Garden area that it was only appropriate to pick up some gelato. pistachio and strawberry flavor. Mmmm!

T picked me up some Korean food for lunch yesterday @ Seoul Garden
seafood pajun
Kimbap- korean version of sushi without the raw fish.
vegetarian bibimbap
It's a piggy creme filled pastry. Cute!!
Last night's random dinner of veggies, salmon, and spaghetti

I know my breakfast does NOT look appetizing but at least it tasted good :) Scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms and a wholegrain pita on the side.

Agenda: YMCA business plan and relax!

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