Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Strolling down the streets of BCN

The boys out to watch some football! How cute..  The weather was nice enough to sit outside, have a cervesa, tapas, and cheer for Barcelona!
Casa Bastllo designed by Antoni Gaudi.
And so it begins..
The house screamed my name. It was built to mimic the underwater world with its use of bright colors and odd shapes.

Mushroom shaped fireplace. he he he..

Curvy and loopy, nothing really was very straight.

Leaving my mark.. Thank you Gaudi for creating such a wonderful masterpiece.

Sort of feels like you're underwater
the colors of this house were so amazing!! I felt like I was in some sort of fun house at a carnival.
The gills of a fish?

the view from up top

Dragon I C U!!!!

the city also reminded me of Paris, although not as dirty. Lots of peeps on motorcycles and scooters. I wanna one!!

Some of the streets are very narrow but easily navigable because the street signs are actually on all the buildings. ahem... London could use a few pointers.

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  1. I love your pictures Hanna! That house looks so neat and all the food is making my hungry. Maybe you should cut back on the FG a little ;) I'm glad you and T are really living it up.