Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Birthday Feast

T ran around town to pick up all my favorite asian foods. Korean and Japanese mix. Soondubuchigae with some pickled radish.

O Kimchi. I've missed you!!
Chicken teriyaki. The skin on this chicken was still perfectly crispy. There was a nice balance of teriyaki sauce with sweet onions and rice. Yuuuumm!!
Bi bim bap
Vegan peanut butter chocolate cake and vegan chocolate block with vienetta ice cream for dessert. Both the desserts were very rich but my favorite was the peanut butter cake. PB & Chocolate is such a magical combination!

I went to PUNCH this afternoon. . It's a new Virgin Active workout class that involves using a combination of pads and boxing glove exercises with floor body weight circuits. It reminded me how much I love kicking ass in the gym and sweating buckets! :o) :o)

After workout lunch @ the Star of Kings, a local pub just around the corner.
The pub is quite cozy and kinda retro feeling.

Pastrami sandwich. A decent, healthy and fresh tasting sandwich considering pastrami isn't the healthiest of deli meats.
Tuna Nicoise, a good lunch special deal for £5!
Hot out of the fryer, triple cut chunky chips with ketchup and mayo.
Nicely layered sandwich on crusty, chewy bread.
White chocolate covered oreo's for dessert.

Song of the day: Gardi "Quien Te Digo"

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