Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lahore Kabab House

Yesterday's dinner plans to go to Lahore Kabob house was a big FAIL after waiting for an hour and being forced to leave due to prior engagments we had with friends later that night. The head of house was extremely misleading and kept promising that we would be the next table, when it was clearly obvious that they kept seating other people ahead of us. I don't care if we have to wait, all I ask in return is a good buffer time aka say 45mins-hour if you think its going to be a longer wait!! Don't tell us it'll be 25 minutes originally and at the 40 minute point, keep deferring and promising us we will be next if you cannot deliver. SO ANNOYING!! Fortunately, we saw Mirch Masala, a good fallback plan. At least the service was prompt and the food all delicious.
Sizzling lamb chops- Peppery and very tender.
Butter chicken wings. YUUM
Lamb biriyani
Pilau rice
Ginger chicken- the chicken was very tender and juicy but the sauce could have been a bit thicker. The flavor was delicious though.

Lunch this afternoon:
T made some breaded chicken seasoned with truffle oil, sauteed shallots, mayo, siracha, and topped with avocado slices.
I'm sort of an oddball, I can't eat sandwiches without something on the side. Just hand over some chips, soup, crackers, sumthin!! Now thats a tasty sandwich.

After a very productive salsa lesson, pizza treat!! I'm taking advanced group lessons whenever my teacher has the time. It is so humbling to be dancing among such great dancers. Hard, yes but I've never been this motivated in my life to become better at something. I used to be the queen of picking up a hobby and dropping it like everything else in my life: jobs, friends, boyfriends, studies. Dancing awakens such a passion in me. Extreme joy.. What else can I say. Everyone must experience something like this!!!  :)  Anyway.. I digress..
smoked chicken, onions, and three types of cheeses= HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPP-O!!
You musta fold it lika tis.

Peace out.

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