Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Water For Elephants

I read this book in about 4 days and if it weren't for my busy days, I would have read it in one. Such a fast and captivating read (for me at least). Now I'm ready to see the movie. Hello Rob Pattinson :)

Farewell breakfast for my daddy made by ME!
Per his request, sunny side up eggs.
My eggs were a cross between scrambled, an omelet, and a fried egg. It was a bit too early in the morning for presentation.
Eggs are an excellent source of protein. This kind of breakfast is what fuels me through my tough weight lifting workouts and keeps me satisfied til lunch.
I went to the gym after breakfast and was SHOCKED (I'm not sure why as this happens every. single. year) as to how crowded my gym was. It was CRAZY packed but somehow I found myself with a bench and my own set of weights. The majority of people were busy trying to sweat away those holiday pounds on the cardio machines. A part of me is glad that half those people will drop out somewhere after a month but another part of me wishes every single person in that gym cared more about their health in the broader picture rather than just seeing it as a new year resolution they will break and beat themselves up for every year like a mean cycle. As a personal trainer, I'm really going to try and make my clients see fitness as something that isn't measured only in inches and numbers on a scale. It's about making good healthy decisions every day of the year :o) :o)

Lunch @ Strada
Poor momma- she's sick with a cold on the last day of my dad's stay here in London!
We picked Strada for lunch because it was Taste London AND Italian, something my dad won't be able to eat as well in Korea.
Peroni RED for him- I had a sip and don't really like it compared to the regular Peroni. It's a tad too bitter for me.
Glass of house white for her.
We all jumped on this bread basket as soon as it hit the table. Ciabatta bread in the basket was my fav!
Fresh green olives
Hey there. Watch where you poke that sickie toothpick willya!
My dish- penne in marinara sauce with basil, aubergines, and fresh bufalo cheese. It was pretty good. Not the BEST but the fresh cheese and basil was nice.
Fiorentina pizza with spinach, parmesan, garlic, and an egg on top. Very nicely cooked and generous with the spinach topping. The egg on the other hand was a tad bit overcooked.
Pumpkin and butternut squash risotto with panchetta, spinach, and pinenuts. Very warm and comfort food satisfying.
My dad's seafood pasta- his only gripe was that there wasn't enough pasta sauce!

Desserts @ Gallipolli. This place hasn't disappointed us yet with their selection of desserts. Yes, they did shoot a dagger through my heart when they said they were all out of Profiteroles. Excusez moi???
Funky pie- Biscuit crumb crust with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and crushed hazelnuts on top. Delish.
Gallipolli Delight- Fresh, chewy apricot with creme and pistachio chunks. One bite of bliss!
Cappuccino w. skinny milk puhlease.

Fast forward to dinner. Take out from Chop Chop Noodle bar across from Kings Cross tube. Trust. I had very low expectations from a take out joint that looks a bit shady and sounds like it too!
Vermicelli noodles w. plump shrimp, egg, and other schtuff I'm not quite sure of
Previously mentioned noodles in spicy soup. Yuuuummy!
Lightly fried shrimp fried rice w. siracha sauce.
Noodles and vegetables in an unpictured broth for my sick mother. She enjoyed it as well. Chinese takeout successful!!

On the agenda: Zumba, London towers, perhaps the Fulham game.. ehh prolly not. :)

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