Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wake me up.

Fruit n. Nut kellog's cereal with extra dark chocolate chips, raisins, and a heaping tablespoon of flaxseeds.
You can't even taste the flaxseed in there. It's a good way to get in some extra Omega 3's.
Wake me up.. before you go go..

Today's class was extremely tiring. I found myself trying to keep my eyes open through various parts of the day. This whole week has been trying for me because I'm in major need of some sleep. We did two types of cardio workouts today as well; the Fartlek and Interval training. Fartlek is such a good workout program because it allows you to work your heart by choosing several speeds throughout your CV workout. I did 3 minutes at a comfortable run  and 2 minutes at a fast run for 20 minutes. It's a very efficient workout if you're short on time and want to get in and out of the gym.

Protein shake:

I was feeling so drained after class but this smoothie definitely helped bring up my energy level and curb my appetite for a later dinner.
I was going to cook a Bigham's tonight but I ended up spilling a can of creme on the floor and freaking out so we ended up ordering in instead. But not on purpose!! heh heh heh.. ;)
Extra garlic sauce!! Ammmaaazeballs.
Individual Medium size pizza's. Pineapple, ham, and mushroom for muah and veggie pizza for T.
I snuck in a slice of the veggie pizza but overall I'm leaning towards the Hawaiian as being my favorite pizza topping.

No salsa for me today (sad face) but I gave my feet some much needed rest. Tomorrow we leave for Budapest!!

Song of the day: Marc Anthony "Lo Que No Di"

Bears playoff weekend coming up... Sending good vibes to Chicago!!

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