Sunday, 30 January 2011


Arrived at the Barcelona airport and was starvin marvin so before I had a vicious hunger attack, we grabbed some quick tapas.
Nothing too spectacular but it was spanish tapas!!
The hotel is very nice. Clean and efficient. They also offered us a complimentary glass of cava upon arrival. Nothing wrong w. that :)

The hotel front desk led us to this tapas spot because our dinner reservation wasn't until 10.
San Miguel on tap. I didn't realize this was a Spanish beer.
Crispy chicken wings
O.M.G. this ham is muy delicioso!!
Especially on top of crispy tomato grilled bread.
Wowza man. I had like three huge pieces of this stuff.
Patatas bravas.
The calamari was probably my least favorite, although it was still good. I just found it a bit too greasy.
We ended the meal with two desserts. This one was a sorbet topped w. pistachio. It was a bit freezer burned.
Catalan creme aka creme brulee. They overdid the top torching dontcha think!?

Barcelona is an amazing city. The buildings have so much character and the people are very nice. I ran a 3 plus mile run around the city today and to top it off, I saw the sun. Sigh.. O how I missed the sun.

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