Saturday, 4 December 2010

Taste of X-Mas

Welcome to the Taste of Christmas!
Home of delicious creole vegan bread samples. I really can't believe these breads are vegan. Holy moly. They are SO GOOD. We bought the mixed berry loaf which tasted superb.
Lots of dips to try
The crowds were in full force
Adorable gingerbread houses!! I haven't made one since I was a girl scout in middle school.
We bought one! I couldn't resist :o)
The chilli fudge had a nice spicy kick to it. We bought a mixed bag of the chilli and white chocolate cranberry fudge.
Vitamix demo. I would definitely recommend a Vitamix to anyone looking for a good blender. It's expensive but definitely worth the money. It's sturdy, strong, versatile, and it leaves all the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables you use.
Healthy breakfast samples
There were a ton of bread/olive oil samples, chips and dips, cheeses, chorizo's, chocolates, wines, and liquor stands.
Samples of caribbean jerk sausage
Capon w. pumpkin and mango puree. Yummy! The flavors definitely reminded me of Christmas. The puree was my favorite part.
Really strong tasting cheddar cheese.
Samples of rum.
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. LV cake. What girl wouldn't love having that for her birthday?
Apple streudal sample from the Bread Shop.
Beautiful cake samples for anyone looking for wedding cake ideas? NEXT!!
 Upscale Indian food
The chicken tikka pie w. berry chutney was interesting and very good. I didn't think the berry chutney would go well w. the chicken tikka but surprisingly, the combo worked.
Coconut curry prawn w. rice. YUM
The salmon was very fresh and buttery. We each had one but I was left wanting more :)
The pork belly with mash potatoes. Fatty but I like it like that :P
Truffle and foie gras burger w. truffle mayo. I had a bite without the foie gras (I've banned it from my diet) and it was amazing. Truffle oil is seriously good stuff.
Tender lamb w. peas and mushrooms.
VIP lounge w. a complimentary glass of champagne.
Pistachio, chestnut chocolate, and mango macaron. Ever since Paris, I've been mildy obsessed w. macarons. They are so pretty and fun to eat!
So chewy and decadant.
I ate all three and was left w. a mild stomachache and a HUGE migraine.

Agenda for the night: relaxation!

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