Saturday, 11 December 2010

Off to eat at the Queen's

at the restaurant of course!
Pink apertif with prosecco. Yummy and right up my alley :)
Fresh chewy bread with butter and a sprinkle of salt to bring out the simple flavors.
Anxiously awaiting the crab.
Oh lordie. Looks massive!
The meat in the claws were sweet and delicious. The tiny claws were a little creepy to handle because it felt like it had fur on them. A little too realistic for me to touch so T clawed out the meat for me :o) :o)
ALL GONE. So sad :(
They had these mini pours of wine. We each got the house white and house red with our meals.
Scottish onglet steak with horseradish sauce and greens. The waiter warned me that it would come rare but that it would be delicious. Oh boy, was he right. The meat was delicioso! Esp. w. the sauce to dip. If you can get over the redness of the steak, it is so much more flavorful than being prepared medium.
A side of chunky chips. These were tasty but would have been better w. ketchup. Everything is better w. ketchup. The man who delivered our food seemed outraged I asked for ketchup.  "What Ketchup? Noooo,. we don't have ketchup!!"Gee.. he could have been a bit nicer about the delivery. I assure you that I'm probs not the only one whos ever asked. Oh well! That's typical service in London.
T's dish of pork (faggot) and lentils. The consistency wasn't that of pork at all. It was more like meatloaf w. middle eastern flavors. I'm glad I wasn't the one who ordered it as it wasn't my favorite. Overall, I was very impressed w. the quality of food there. British food when done right can be quite good. The rest of our night consisted of relaxation at home and watching Iron Man II. Sort of cheesy but it was entertaining.

Ants on my eggs? Or lots of pepper!
Strangely enough, this is the first time I've ever made sunny side up eggs in my life. The yolks could have been a bit runnier but it was still a delicious protein filled breakfast!

Day's agenda: Sushi and chocolate festival.

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