Saturday, 11 December 2010

Chocolate Festival 2010

Lots of fresh fish. T even managed to get some wasabi and ginger from a sushi restaurant.
It was a bit messy but very YUMMY!
Chocolate Festival 2010!!

Pure award winning hot chocolate. It had a slight coffee taste and definitely needed some sugar.
I think I prefer already sweetened hot chocolate. None of this fancy schmancy "real" hot chocolate. Heck, just get me some swiss hot chocolate w. marshmallows and we're in business!
Lots of chocolates to purchase and to taste.
We had the salted caramel w. a hint of assam tea from this chocolatier. I love chocolate and T loves salted caramel. Best of both worlds.

I love free festivals w. a ton of different samples to try :)

Shoes and gloves made out of chocolate. Too pretty to eat.

Freshly fried pieces of dough.
Cinnamon sugar churro's with hot chocolate to dip. Mmmmm...

Choco overload!
London by night- I love this view!!!

London is such a gorgeous city!

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